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Saving Money on Food When Travelling

One of the reasons why people hate traveling is the fact that they have to pay a lots of cut-throat prices as tourists in a foreign country when they are looking for food.

The locals have a way of ‘robbing’ the money of any unsuspecting tourist and we all don’t want to be victim of ‘robbery’ in broad daylight, right?

Here are a few suggestions on how you can save our money on food while traveling.

Eating in a group. It always saves money when you buy food in bulk. For example, when you go to a fast food restaurant, between buying a value meal and a family meal, you usually save more money by ordering a family (extra large) meal and sharing the food with other people.

You can also consider putting a picnic together. A picnic is usually much, MUCH cheaper compared to eating at a restaurant.

During the journey…

You can eat at the suburbs. There are many places where you can eat good and inexpensive food because the cost of living is rather low in those places. For example, places like Indonesia and Thailand where you can taste the local cuisine. The food is delicious and VERY inexpensive. For less than $3!

In Hotel…

When you book your hotel, check to see if breakfast is included. Make sure you eat every morsel you can find. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and once you are full, you won’t find yourself spending tons of money during lunch time.However, if breakfast isn’t provided at your hotel for free, then try to look for a local bakery (or French Croissant) in the area. In Asian countries, try to look for ‘Old Town’ Coffee shops and ‘Mamak’ stores.

In Bakery Shop

You actually can get lots of leftover food cheap at certain bakeries? They offer 50% discount off their bread on the ground of ‘clearing stock’. That is also a good way to save money.

Fast food in Asia?

If you are from the U.S. or European country, never EVER eat at a fast food joint in an Asian country. Fast foods in Asian countries are much more expensive compared to the local delicacies. And more than often, you will find the helpings are much smaller as well (for example, Big Mac at McDonalds are probably a fraction of the actual size in the United States)

Eat Instant noodles or cup noodles. You can pour hot water into the ‘cup’ and Voila! Your Instant noodles are ready. Toast bread if you have brought a portable toaster. You can even drop by the local market and shop around. Buy the ingredients you like and cook your own food if your hotel room has a kitchen.Just be creative and you will be able to find a way to save money on food.



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