Travel Transportation

Car Rental Or Public Transport?

Organising a holiday is so much fun. Not only do you get to research the popular local attractions but you also get to plan a great itinerary that you will enjoy once you arrive at your holiday destination. There is one part about a holiday though that must be considered very carefully, and that is transportation!

Whether you are traveling as a family, an individual, or wishing to have a romantic getaway for two, there are options as to how you get around once you arrive. Most major cities have public transport options that will include either trains, buses, ferries or taxis, and you will find that you can also book a rental car.

Either option will depend on the amount of people travelling, and also where you plan to visit once you arrive. For example, if you are traveling as a couple and plan to stay around the city areas, then you may be best to save a little bit of money by either walking to popular attractions or catching buses and trains. However, if you are traveling as a family with small children, then you would be better to book a rental car for flexibility and convenience.

It is so important that you plan where and when you will need transportation. If you have an idea of what attractions you are interested in, you can do some quick research into the best options for transportation to and from the hot spots. It is also important to research public transport schedules so you have a fair idea as to when it would be best to go there. Remember though that some of the best attractions may not be available via public transport, and you would therefore have to book a rental car or catch a taxi, both of which can be expensive if left to the last minute.

Take note that prices for both public transport and hire cars may vary depending on locations and the time of year. It would be in your best interest to ensure you know the pricing for both so you can make a fair comparison as to what is best for you. Rental cars can sometimes work out cheaper than public transport for larger groups, but don’t forget that you may also have to pay for parking, which can be quite taxing. Public transport may seem a lot cheaper, but you will not have flexibility to stay and play as long as you like as you would have to stick to a timetable.

Different cities around the world also have tolls for road users that the drivers of the vehicle must pay. This would also be an extra cost that would be associated with renting a car and should be noted in your budget for your holiday. It is also important to determine the pickup and drop off procedures for rental cars and that the depot is either located at the airport or close to your accommodation. You do not want to arrive at the airport and then have to wait for a shuttle to come and collect you, as this is very time consuming. For the ultimate convenience, always book a hire car through a national company who have rental cars available directly from airport terminals and other convenient city locations.

On the other hand, public transport only has certain stops that are covered and your accommodation may not be in the direct line of a bus or train route. Therefore you may need to walk which is also time consuming and depending on the weather, can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. You would also have to budget for taxi fares to and from the airport and also for any journeys that may not be available on public transport. Depending on your holiday destination taxi fares will vary and can be quite expensive.


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