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3 Tips for Having a Fun Family Holiday Vacation

Holiday travel need not involve a trip to a boring unheard of town and sleeping on couches or kids’ beds. Families these days are enjoying the trend toward planning holiday celebrations at vacation destinations. This way family members get to use their vacation time from work actually going somewhere fun and interesting instead of visiting their home towns. It is really a win-win situation because family members get to visit and celebrate the holidays while staying in a comfortable hotel and site-seeing.

Popular destinations for family gatherings include Las Vegas, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Florida, and the Caribbean. For Las Vegas, the Christmas holiday season marks the start of the Las Vegas busy season that lasts through the winter and into the spring as snowbirds escape cold and gray climates for Nevada sunshine and stimulating night life and casino action.

Because gambling is a popular activity for many people, Las Vegas is particularly well suited as a vacation destination for holiday family gatherings. There are plentiful hotel resorts with various themes. There are gambling games to satisfy every whim. Las Vegas shows really are world class entertainment, but the tickets aren’t cheap by the way. The shopping is truly fabulous and an excellent way to get rid of any casino winnings.

Another thing that makes Las Vegas and other gambling destinations appealing to families planning a holiday vacation is the potential for low room rates. A family member who is a regular or at least an annual casino visitor can get a player rating that will qualify him or her for complimentary prices or “comps” on rooms and meals. Casino resorts are eager to sign up visitors for their player rating or player points as part of their marketing efforts. Usually a player can find out about the deals offered by casinos by talking to guest services or a casino floor supervisor.

Tips for a successful holiday family vacation:

1.Plan as early as possible to get good rates on flights and rooms.

2.Be willing to compromise. If everyone can’t decide on where to go, let majority rule. If the vacation turns out to be a bust, everyone will know who to listen to next time.

3.Plan for free time. Don’t pack so many activities into each day that nerves get frazzled and tempers flare. Relax and have fun at a leisurely pace.

Vacation destinations and resorts are eager to accommodate families interested in an alternative to the family gathering at a home. And families are also glad to avoid any bickering about who will host the family for the holidays and it is nice to skip all the housework needed to prepare for guests.



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