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10 Tips to Eat Healthy While Traveling

When we are traveling, it is difficult to get fresh and organic food. This makes it so we eat something that we don’t want or something that isn’t as healthy. The choices are low and often leads to something that isn’t that tasty. At the same time, it’s difficult to bring around fresh food for a longer period of time. Follow these 10 tips to fuel and satisfy your tastebuds while remaining healthy.

Tip 1: Bring a travel bag

A travel cooler is a simple solution to keep your health while you are traveling. Sometimes, just bringing juice or a green smoothie makes a difference in your day. By doing this, you can bring things like kitcheree, soups, smoothies and food that you would normally have to refrigerate.

Tip 2: Get the right oils, vinegar and salt

Finding good oils and high quality fats is one of the reasons why restaurants often don’t work. If you want to change your position with oils, bring coconut oil, flax oil or raw butter. Restaurants will fulfill your request to steam veggies or rice while allowing you to use your own oils and fats a s a compliment.

Tip 3: Bring Spirulina, Blue Green Algae or Greens

Spirulina is a way to boost your energy and remain balanced, even on the go. Add it into any travel bottle and mix with water. It has a great taste and adds in alkaline.

Tip 4: Oatmeal

Oats are some of the best travel foods and they are naturally healthy. They don’t need to be refrigerated, they are light and they can be cooked first. Get a cup of hot water and cook it yourself while on the go! Add in raisins, a chopped apple and other flavors for a balanced meal.

Tip 5: What to Do with Fresh Fruit

Apples, oranges and bananas make great travel foods and are easy to carry with you. The ability to have these without refrigeration makes them even better to carry with you.

Tip 6: Add in Energy with Nuts, Seed and Dried Fruits

This is the travel tip that any healthy traveler already recognizes. Pack the nuts, seeds and dried fruits to add in the protein and fats you need.

Tip 7: Sandwiches

Sandwiches used to be a huge nutritional item but somehow have filtered out. They are best to combine with sprouted grain bread, high quality nut butter, fruit and vegetables. Your veggies don’t need to get soggy if you pack all of the ingredients separately and then assemble it when you are ready to eat.

Tip 8: Wraps

Some of the best wraps are seaweed nori. These sometimes get soggy but they never lose their taste. You can also add in nuts, eggs, seeds, cheese, avocado, veggies or sprouts.

Tip 9: From Eggs to Potatoes

Cook them the night before and be ready for the added protein and snacks during your day. These can be healthy and filling while you are in an airport or traveling in the car.

Tip 10: Sardines

No one would suspect sardines as a way to move with travel. However, these work with cultured vegetables and other foods with toast. Just make sure you pack it right so you don’t have problems with the smell.


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